May 25, 2018 Updates

As discussed in previous ATC customer and stakeholder meetings, ATC is continuing to implement a process to provide a summary list of Network and Asset Renewal project updates. These updates support consistency between the 2017 10-Year Assessment project lists and the proposed MTEP18 projects. The update lists found at the links below contain projects with changes compared to the lists ATC published in the 2017 10-Year Assessment.

Projects listed may be new, cancelled, changed in scope, or have changed in-service dates. Some projects listed may have previously been included in the lists, but are now being shown with greater detail and to provide greater clarity. ATC will continue to solicit feedback on this process in the customer and stakeholder meetings. If you have any questions regarding the process or the list please contact David Smith, Manager – Reliability Group, at

Updates to 2017 10-Year Assessment Network Project List

Updates to 2017 10-Year Assessment Asset Renewal Project Lists

In addition to the project updates the Preliminary Solutions presentation has been updated and the revised presentation is available at the link below. The revisions address stakeholder comments regarding the Bayport – Pioneer and Pioneer – Crivitz projects as well as adding some additional information to the generation and energy storage interconnections queue map.

2018 10-Year Assessment – Preliminary Solutions, Revision 1