Northeast Wisconsin
Zone 4

Transmission system limitations in Zone 4

Ongoing analysis of Zone 4 has identified several voltage and overload limitations. The most severe limitations are expected to occur during both peak and off-peak periods. 

Several area projects are related to the underlying condition and performance of assets in Zone 4. 

Electricity usage growing

Peak electric demand typically occurs during the summer months, although the northern portion of Zone 4 typically experiences nearly equal summer and winter peaks. Paper mills and foundries in and around the Green Bay and Appleton metropolitan areas are some of the largest electricity users in the zone. 

Electric load is forecasted to grow at approximately 0.3 percent annually through 2033. Also, locally generated electricity is declining in the area with smaller, coal‑fired generators most at risk. This includes generation owned by industries, municipalities, and utilities. 

Transmission projects in Zone 4

The most notable planned, proposed, and provisional network/asset renewal projects in Zone 4 are listed below along with their projected year of completion and the factors driving the need for the projects. 

Zone 4 includes the counties of:
  • Brown , Wis.
  • Calumet , Wis.
  • Dodge (NE) , Wis.
  • Door , Wis.
  • Fond Du Lac (E) , Wis.
  • Kewaunee , Wis.
  • Manitowoc , Wis.
  • Marinette (S) , Wis.
  • Menominee (S) , Wis.
  • Menominee , Wis.
  • Oconto , Wis.
  • Outagamie , Wis.
  • Shawano (E) , Wis.
  • Sheboygan , Wis.
  • Winnebago (E) , Wis.

Zone 4 Planned Projects

Project DescriptionProject #In-service yearNeed driver
Pioneer SS – Crivitz SS 138-kV Line (E-83/B-2), Retire 69-kV and Reconfigure Load to 138-kV 12024Condition and Performance, T-D Interconnection
Edgewater SS – Lodestar SS 138-kV (X-48/Y-31), Underground Cable Rebuild 22024Condition and performance
Danz Ave. SW STA – University (WPS) 69-kV line (O-15), underground rebuild & OPGW 32026Condition and Performance
North Appleton SS – Transformer Replacement and Asset Renewal 42024Condition and Performance
Oak St – Hwy V 69-kV line (Z-26), Rebuild 52026Condition and Performance
West Marinette SS – Transformer and Breaker Asset Renewal 62025Condition and Performance
East Krok Transformer Replacement 72027Reliability, Condition and Performance
Plymouth Reliability Project 82025T-D Interconnection

Zone 4 Proposed Projects

Project DescriptionProject #In-service yearNeed driver
Valders SS, New 138/69-kV Substation92028Economic, Reliability
Mullet River Area Reliability Project 102027Reliability, Condition and Performance
Proposed Projects

Zone 4 Provisional Projects

Project DescriptionProject #In-service yearNeed driver