Projects completed since last report

Transmission projects significantly affecting the system performance that have been completed since the 2018 Assessment was issued in October 2018, include:

System AdditionPlanning Zone
Cranberry Substation 11-kV, 10.4 MVAR inductor bank1
Plover SS, Distribution Interconnection (DIC) - replace transformers1
Sherman Street SS, DIC - replace high side circuit switcher1
North Madison - Briggs Road 345-kV line1, 3
Iron Grove: 138-kV, 15 MVAR inductor bank2
J703 Huron SS, generator interconnection (GIC) facilities 2
J704/J711 GIC - network upgrades2
J704/J711 GIC- Silver River SS-interconnection and network upgrades2
Plains - Arnold 138-kV uprate2
Winona Substation: 138-kV, 8 MVAR inductor bank2
Baraboo SS, bus uprate and RTU replacement3
Construct Edgerton transmission to distribution (T-D) interconnection 138-KV3
Darlington SS, DIC - replace transformer and construct new control house3
J390: Kittyhawk Substation, new generation to transmission (G-T) interconnection3
J395: Darlington - North Monroe 138-kV line X-49, uprate3
Paddock - NW Beloit 138-kV line X-53, install series reactor3
Tripp Rd Substation, breaker installation3
Williams Bay Substation: loop X-44 in and out3
Construct a new 138/69-kV substation on Spring Valley - North Lake Geneva 138-kV circuit3 & 5
Construct a new 69-kV circuit from Twin Lakes to the new substation3 & 5
Twin Lakes - Katzenberg 69-kV rebuild Y-1023 & 5
Bay Lake: Morgan Substation - reconfigure and expand 345-kV and 138-kV switch yards4
Bay Lake: North Appleton - Morgan 138-kV line construction4
City Limits 138-kV bus reconductor4
Depere - Glory Rd 138-kV overhead line rebuild4
Forest Junction 138-kV Substation: install redundant bus differential4
Highway V Substation: Install 138-kV breakers and 69-kV circuit switchers on 138/69-kV transformers4
Lost Dauphin - Red Maple 138-kV line uprate Q-1474
Oak St SS, DIC - replace transformer4
Plymouth 4 Substation, breaker installation4
West Marinette Substation: add high side protection to 138/69-kV transformers4
Berryville SS, DIC - add second
Mukwonago Substation: install line breaker on line 671K615
Somers Substation: loop Racine - Kenosha 138-kV line 1651 in and out5
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