Projects completed since last report

Transmission projects significantly affecting the system performance that have been completed since the 2019 Assessment was issued in October 2019, include: 

System AdditionPlanning Zone
Hancock SS, Replace Transformers1
Stratford SS, DIC add 2nd transformer and substation rebuild1
Venus SS, Capacitor Bank Retirement1
Wautoma - Wild Rose 69kV (Y-180), Partial Rebuild1
Hiawatha - Pine River 69kV (ESE_6908), Replace select poles, cross arms2
J928/J849 Indian Lake, Common Use Upgrades2
M-38 SS, New 138kV Inductor Bank2
Nine Mile SS, Install MODs for Sectionalizing2
Nordic SS, Install 138kV Breakers2
Silver River SS, New 138kV Inductor Bank2
Boscobel - Lone Rock 69kV (Y-124), Rebuild3
Huiskamp - Waunakee (Y-132), Switch Replacement3
J870/J871 Highland SS Generator Interconnection Facilities and Network Upgrades3
Kilbourn SS, Bus Reconfiguration and Relay Replacement3
Klondike SS, New DIC3
Koshkonong SS, New DIC3
Mount Horeb SS, Install 69kV Breakers3
Nelson Dewey SS, Transformer Addition and Asset Renewal3
Portage - Trienda 138kV (X-67), uprate3
Spring Valley SS - North Lake Geneva SS 138kV, Construct3
Staff - North Randolph 138kV (X-98), Rebuild3
Waupun SS, Rebuild Substation3
West Towne SS, Relay Replacements3
Caldron Falls - Goodman 69kV (J-88), Rebuild4
Cedar Ridge Wind Generation - Mullet River 138kV (X-97), Rebuild4
Ellinwood SS, Upgrade 138kV Bus4
Finger Road - Canal 69kV (J-10), Rebuild4
Forest Junction SS, Install 25 MVAR Inductor4
J886 Kewaunee SS Generator Interconnection Facilities and Network Upgrades4
Manrap SS, Install 69kV Breakers4
New Holstein SS, Install 69kV Breaker4
Packaging SS, new DIC4
Lincoln SS, Bus Reconfiguration5
Mount Pleasant Tech Interconnection5
Norwich - Barland 138kV (NWHG41), Re-insulate5
St Lawrence SS, Breaker replacement and asset renewal5
State Line SS, new DIC5
Waukesha SS, Relay and Breaker Replacements5
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