Southeast Wisconsin
Zone 5

Transmission system limitations in Zone 5

A significant transmission system performance challenge in Zone 5 involves heavy energy market flows through the zone, resulting in potential high post-contingency line loadings. 

Electricity usage

Peak electric demand typically occurs during the summer months. Large industrial loads in the Milwaukee metropolitan area are among the largest electricity users in the zone. 

Electric load is forecasted to grow approximately 0.1 percent annually through 2033. 

Transmission projects in Zone 5

The most notable planned, proposed, and provisional network/asset renewal projects in Zone 5 are listed below along with their projected year of completion and the factors driving the need for the projects. 

Zone 5 includes the counties of:
  • Kenosha , Wis.
  • Milwaukee , Wis.
  • Ozaukee , Wis.
  • Racine , Wis.
  • Washington , Wis.
  • Waukesha , Wis.

Zone 5 Planned Projects

Project DescriptionProject #In-service yearNeed driver
Arcadian SS - Power Transformer and Control House Replacement and Asset Renewal 12025Condition and performance/ Reliability
Lincoln – 43rd Street Terminal 138-kV (5053), Replace with double circuit duct bank and XLPE cable 22026Condition and Performance
Everett GIS Asset Renewal 32025Condition and Performance
Oak Creek, Racine SS and Remote Ends, Control Buildings and Relaying Asset Renewal 42026Condition and Performance
Port Washington – Saukville 138-kV (X-132/X-133), Partial Rebuild 52024Condition and performance/ Reliability
Granville SS, Control House and Relay Replacement and Asset Renewal 62026Condition and Performance
Harbor – Russel Terminal 138-kV (893K11), Rebuild 72028Condition and Performance
WisDOT I-94 Stadium Group of Projects 82026Condition and Performance
Racine 345-kV Capacitor Bank Addition Project 92025Reliability
Pleasant Prairie 345-kV Capacitor Bank Addition Project 102025Reliability

Zone 5 Proposed Projects

Project DescriptionProject #In-service yearNeed driver

Zone 5 Provisional Projects

Project DescriptionProject #In-service yearNeed driver
Milwaukee Area Reactive Power Project 112026Reliability
Granville to Bluemound 345/138-kV rebuild Project 122028Reliability
Milwaukee Area 230-kV Conversion to 345-kV Project 132028Reliability
Racine County, DIC, New Substation 142025T-D Interconnection