Best-value planning for a reliable future

Delivery of electricity is an essential service, one that provides for the well-being of our modern society. This is evident whenever severe weather occurs — the first order of business for public health and safety is to restore the electric grid. At ATC, we rely on a robust planning effort to assure resilient, reliable service for the customers and communities we serve.

For more than 15 years, American Transmission Co. has been helping to keep the lights on in its service territory with a robust planning effort to build out the system to meet regional needs. Our long-range planning efforts assure the reliability that our customers depend on, and each year our 10-Year Transmission System Assessment has outlined the specific projects required to achieve that goal.

We continue to provide best-value planning in a number of ways:

  • listening to our customers to accurately understand and plan for their future needs
  • anticipating and planning for changes in generation, including generator retirements
  • understanding and enabling new technologies, and
  • anticipating long-term changes in the industry.

Our current planning studies show a reduced need for new projects due to slowing load growth and other factors. As a result, there is a reduction in our capital plan.

The 2017 10-Year Transmission System Assessment calls for a lower capital expenditure than in recent years, from $2.8 billion to $3.6 billion in system improvements. This document contains a summary of ATC’s planning initiatives, an overview of asset renewal and network-driven projects in each of our planning zones.

Transmission investments

Projections from past and current Transmission System Assessments

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Ron Snead

Vice President of System Planning

John McNamara

Vice President of Asset Management