Northern Area Reliability Assessment

ATC initiated a Northern Area Reliability Assessment effort in 2014 to engage stakeholders and identify potential reinforcements due to generation uncertainties in the northern portion of the ATC system. The 10-year project list includes the following preliminary projects:

  • Plains-National 138 kV line,
  • Plains-Arnold 138 kV line uprate,
  • Increased Plains 345-138 kV transformer capacity, and
  • Morgan-Thunder-Crivitz 138 kV project.

ATC had collaborated with MISO to include these projects in MTEP15. ATC is assisting in the evaluation of generation proposals in this area of Michigan. The need for some of the transmission projects may be eliminated if generation is appropriately located in this area. When generator interconnection agreements are signed, ATC will cancel the appropriate projects and proceed with any projects that result from the MISO interconnection studies.

Bay Lake Project

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MISO Northern Area Study

For more information on the MISO study please refer to the Northern Area Study heading on the MISO website at: