Projects completed since last report

Transmission projects significantly affecting the system performance that have been completed since the 2016 Assessment was issued in October 2016, include:

Project NameZone
ACEC Dellwood Substation: Install line breakers to sectionalize Y-1461
Tomahawk Substation: Install bus tie breaker to sectionalize1
Construct Fairwater-Mackford Prairie 69-kV line1
Reconfigure the North Randolph-Ripon 69-kV line to form a second Ripon-Metomen 69-kV line and retire the circuit between Metomen and the Mackford Prairie tap1
Zone 2 switching initiative 2
Bay Lake: Benson Lake Substation -- Construct new 138-kV substation and install 150 Mvar SVC (near Amberg Substation)2
Stagecoach - Wick Drive 69-kV line rebuild Y-623
Brick Church Substation: Remove breaker 1532-S current transformer3
West Middleton-Stage Coach 69-kV uprate 6927, short term fix3
University/Whitewater line reconfiguration3
Red Bird Substation: Tap line N2393
J384: Cooney - Summit 138-kV line uprate 64313
Colley Road-Brick Church 69-kV rebuild Y-323
Browntown 69-kV Bus Rerate 3
Retap Colley Rd 138/69-kV T31 current transformers3
Pulliam - Glory Road 138-kV line conversion K-1154
Pulliam Substation: Install a new 138/69-kV transformer4
Beardsley St. Substation: Install 3 69-kV line breakers to sectionalize 69-kV circuit J-104
Bay Lake: Morgan - Stiles 138-kV circuit de-bifurcate to form 2 separate 138-kV lines4
Canal Substation: Install 138-kV breakers on 138/69-kV transformers4
Canal Substation: Install redundant bus differentials on 138-kV buses4
Esker View Substation: loop LYNG11 in and out4
Forest Junction 138-kV Substation: Install redundant bus differential4
Oak Creek-Pennsylvania 138-kV line uprate 8375
Bain - Albers 138-kV line uprate 631435
As of August 1, 2017