Projects completed since last report

Transmission projects significantly affecting the system performance that have been completed since the 2017 Assessment was issued in October 2017, include:

Project NameZone
Fox River DIC Retirement1
M13-Reinforcement-Bunker Hill-Blackbrook1
McMillan - Wildwood 115-kV line N-144, uprate 1
Okray Substation, breaker installation1
Spare Reactor Purchase1,3
Springwater Substation, new T-D Interconnection1
Three Lakes SS, DIC - Add 2nd Transformer1
Westfield SS,DIC - Add 2nd Transformer1
White Lake Substation: Install line breaker to sectionalize1
Y-121: re-rate 1.2 miles of 69 kV line between Council Creek and Tomah Industrial Park 1
Install Sagola 69KV Tap2
Perch Lake SS, DIC - Upgrade High Side Circuit Breaker2
Birchwood Substation: Install a bus tie breaker3
Cardinal - North Madison 345 kV line 3
Enzyme Bio SS, DIC - Add 2nd Transformer3
Hillman SS, DIC - Add Transformer3
Hooterville SS, DIC - Replace Transformer3
J395: Falcon Substation, new G-T interconnection3
Juneau Northside SS, DIC - Replace Transformer3
Richland Center SS, DIC - Add Transformer3
Stoughton West Substation, new T-D Interconnection3
Town Hall Substation, new T-D Interconnection3
Verona Substation, breaker installation3
Walworth SS, DIC - Replace Transformers3
Bay Lake: North Appleton Substation -- Construct new 345-kV switchyard and reconfigure 138-kV switchyard4
Branch River Substation: Construct new 345-kV switching station 4
Creekview Substation: 138 kV line construction to serve T-D interconnection4
Holland Substation, UVLS Relaying Addition4
Lawn Rd Substation: Install 138-kV breakers to sectionalize 138-kV circuit 68514
Liberty Street SS, DIC - Replace Transformer4
South Fond du Lac Substation, motor operator installation4
Velp SS, DIC - Replace Transformer4
Arcadian - Waukesha 138 kV lines, Uprate (9942/9962)5
Cooney SS, DIC - Replace High Side Circuit Switcher5
Oak Creek - Hayes 138-kV line 811 uprate and reconfiguration5
Oakview Substation: loop line 836 in and out and install 138-kV bus tie breaker5
St Martins Substation: Add new 138 kV bus and bus tie breaker5
Walker Tap Underground Cable Removal5
As of September 1, 2018