Major accomplishments to date

Since we were formed in 2001 as a utility solely focused
on electric transmission, we have:MajorAccom

  • upgraded more than 1,748 miles of transmission line,
  • improved 161 electric substations and
  • built 46 new transmission lines (589 miles).

A more reliable transmission system has enabled us to:

  • meet a new peak load in 2011 with no customer interruption,
  • reliably deliver electricity to customers in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois at all
    hours of the year including peak demand hours,
  • maintain top reliability performance,
  • support approximately 1,200 MW of new peak electric usage,
  • connect 6,048 MW of new generation at 24 sites,
  • increase the ability of our system to import power by 750 MW,
  • reduce energy losses over the 40-year lives of our completed projects at a level that equates to:
    • Approximately 15 million MW hours of electricity saved (enough to power about 36,000 homes each year)
    • Approximately 10 million tons of CO2 emissions (associated with producing lost energy) eliminated
    • Averting the need for a 124 MW generating plant to serve peak demand
  • resolve problems in 19 specific areas to move power into or through our system:
    • Arrowhead-Weston (Northwestern Wisconsin)
    • Blackhawk-Colley Road (Rock County, Wis.)
    • Christiana-Kegonsa (Dane County, Wis.)
    • Cranberry-Conover-Plains (Northern Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula of Michigan)
    • Eau Claire-Arpin (Wood County, Wis.)
    • Gardner Park-Central Wisconsin (Marathon and Shawano, Wis.counties)
    • Kewaunee (Kewaunee County, Wis.)
    •  Manistique-Hiawatha (Schoolcraft and Mackinac, Mich. counties)
    • Morgan-Werner West (Shawano, Waupaca, Outagamie and Oconto, Wis. counties)
    • North Madison-Huiskamp (Dane County, Wis.)
    • North Appleton-Lost Dauphin (Outagamie and Brown, Wis. counties)
    • North Appleton-White Clay (Outagamie and Shawano, Wis. counties)
    • Paddock-Rockdale (Dane and Rock, Wis. counties)
    • Paris-St. Martins (Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee, Wis. counties)
    • Plains-Stiles (Oconto, Marinette, Menominee, Wis., and Dickinson, Mich. counties)
    • Rockdale-Cardinal (Dane County, Wis.)
    • Rhinelander area (Lincoln, Oneida and Langlade, Wis. counties)
    • Wempletown-Paddock (Rock County, Wis., and northern Illinois)
    • Whitewater-Mukwonago (Walworth and Waukesha, Wis. counties

We have made progress by actively seeking input and making our plans and proposals public. To date, ATC has:

  • produced and issued 18 transmission system assessments to the public,
  • held dozens of major public planning and siting meetings, and
  • participated in thousands of interactive local, state and industry discussions, both giving and receiving information to carry out our duties and responsibilities.