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2003 Update Report (March 2004)
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Section I - ATC's Public Planning Process (134k pdf)
Section II - Customer / Stakeholder Input (16k pdf)
Section III - Status of Projects (245k pdf)
Section IV - Changes to the 2003 10-Year Assessment (1M pdf)
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2003 Summary Report (Sept 2003) (6M pdf)

2003 Full Report (Sept 2003)
Table of Contents & Executive Summary (845k pdf)
Section I - Introduction (104k pdf)
Section II - Methodology and Assumptions (74k pdf)
Section III - Description of Planning Zones (2M pdf)
Section IV - Projects in Progress (50k pdf)
Section V - Results of Analyses (2M pdf)
Section VI - Summary of Planned, Proposed and Conceptual Projects (2M pdf)
Section VII - Environmental Assessment (9M pdf)
Section VIII - Generation Developments in Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula of Michigan (168k pdf)
Appendix A - Summary of Customer/Stakeholder Input (104k pdf)
Appendix B - Transmission-Distribution Interconnections (416k pdf)
Appendix C - ATC Planning Criteria (75k pdf)
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