Southeast Wisconsin
Zone 5

Transmission system characteristics in Zone 5

ATC delivers power in Zone 5 with various transmission facilities including:

  • The southern portion of 345-kV lines from Point Beach and Edgewater,
  • The Saukville, Arcadian, Granville, Oak Creek, and Racine 345/138-kV substations,
  • The transmission lines emanating from the Pleasant Prairie and Oak Creek power plants,
  • 230-kV facilities near Milwaukee, and
  • A significant 138-kV network in the Milwaukee area, a portion of which is underground.

Apart from the analysis performed in this Assessment, there is one major area event that could impact transmission plans in Zone 5. The proposed road rebuild of the Zoo interchange is moving forward with the following in-service dates:

  • Expand/update Watertown Plank area (2013),
  • Expand/update Highway 100/Highway 45 area (2014), and
  • Expand/update remainder of freeway (2015-2018).

The road relocation project results in new projects to reconfigure the transmission system around Brookdale, Bluemound and 96th Street substations, as well as the construction of an 8-position ring bus at 96th Street.

Transmission system limitations in Zone 5

Key system performance issues in Zone 5 include:

  • Heavy flows on aging facilities,
  • Heavy flows from the west (Zone 3) resulting in heavily loaded 138-kV facilities in the western portion of Zone 5,
  • Heavy market flows from and to the south, resulting in high 345-kV and 138-kV line loadings and the need to monitor potential multiple contingency conditions, and
  • Sagging voltage profile in portions of Washington and Waukesha counties.

Transmission system reinforcements needed to interconnect and deliver the new generation at the Oak Creek Power Plant comprised much of the recent expansion to Zone 5. Load growth in Waukesha and Washington counties is projected to exceed the capabilities of the existing 138‑kV system in those areas, signaling the need for future transmission system reinforcements.

Electric System Overview

Small increases expected in population, employment – Population in Zone 5 is projected to grow 0.4 percent annually between now and 2021, and employment is projected to grow 1.1 percent in the same time period. Waukesha County is projected to realize the largest increase in both population and employment.

Electricity usage growing – Peak electric demand typically occurs during the summer months. Large industrial loads in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, including Charter Steel and Miller Brewing, are among the largest electricity users in the zone.

Electric load is projected to grow approximately 1.01 percent annually through 2021.

Transmission projects in Zone 5

Our current plans in Zone 5 include 23 system reliability and economic projects between 2012 and 2026, 14 of which are related to our new Study-Based Rating Methodology. These projects are in various stages of development. The most notable planned, proposed, provisional and asset renewal projects in Zone 5, along with their projected year of completion and the factors driving the need for the projects, are listed below.

Zone 5 includes the counties of:
  • Kenosha , WI
  • Milwaukee , WI
  • Ozaukee , WI
  • Racine , WI
  • Washington , WI
  • Waukesha , WI

Zone 5 Proposed Projects

Project DescriptionIn-service yearNeed driver
Pleasant Prairie-Zion Energy Center 345‑kV line construction2013Economics
Milwaukee County T-D 138‑kV lines2015T-D interconnection
Arcadian-Waukesha 138‑kV line rebuilds2016Overloads
Spring Valley-North Lake Geneva 138‑kV line construction2019Overloads and low voltages,
provide network service

Zone 5 Provisional Projects

Project DescriptionIn-service yearNeed driver
Replace Arcadian 345/138‑kV transformers with single transformer2020Overloads

Zone 5 Asset Renewal Projects

Project DescriptionIn-service yearNeed driver
Bluemound 230/138‑kV transformer replacement2012Condition and performance
St. Lawrence-Hartford 138‑kV line rebuild2014Condition and performance
Concord-Cooney 138‑kV line rebuild2015Condition and performance
Waukesha-Merrill Hills 138‑kV line partial rebuild2016Condition and performance
Paris-Albers 138‑kV line rebuild2017Condition and performance
Merrill Hills-Summit 138‑kV line partial rebuild2017Condition and performance
Mukwonago-Edgewood-St. Martins 138‑kV line rebuild2017Condition and performance
Oak Creek-Hayes 138‑kV line rebuild2019Condition and performance
Summit-Cooney 138‑kV line rebuild2021Condition and performance
Paris-Burlington 138‑kV line rebuild2021Condition and performance
St. Lawrence-Barton-Auburn 138‑kV line rebuild2022Condition and performance