Projects completed since last report

Transmission projects significantly affecting the system performance that have been completed since the 2011 Assessment was issued in September 2011, include:

Upgrade McKenna 6.3 Mvar capacitor bank to 15.3 Mvar and upgrade Chaffee Creek 8.1 Mvar bank to 14.4 Mvar1
Construct 115-kV line from new Woodmin Substation to the Clear Lake Substation1
Install 69-kV bus tie breaker at Delta Substation2
Uprate overhead portions of Straits-McGulpin 138-kV circuits #1 & #3 to 230 F degree summer emergency ratings2
Install second 138/69-kV transformer and a 138-kV ring bus at Chandler Substation2
Replace five 69-kV breakers at Delta Substation2
Rebuild part of the Y-8 Dane-Dam Heights 69-kV line3
Rebuild Y-33 Brodhead to South Monroe 69-kV line3
Construct Canal-Dunn Road 138-kV line4
Install 100 MVA 138/69-kV transformer at Dunn Road4
Rebuild 2.37 miles of 69 kV from Sunset Point to Pearl Ave with 477 ACSR4
As of August 1, 2012