Network projects list

In our 10-Year Assessments, projects are identified that address system reliability issues, economic benefits, regional issues, loss savings, public policy requirements, transmission service issues, generation or distribution interconnections or any combination of the above. In general, these projects address system performance issues identified using the governing system planning criteria or provide economic benefits for customers. We have numerous other projects underway or under evaluation that address asset renewal including reliability improvement and end-of-life equipment issues.  

To facilitate an understanding of the status of the various future projects, we classify projects into one of three possible categories – Planned, Proposed or Provisional. 

Each classification has specific criteria based on the status of the project as outlined below: 

Planned projects

  • ATC planning is complete
  • If required, we have applied for regulatory approvals, which may be pending or have been issued, and
  • Project may be under construction or in construction planning phase.

Proposed projects

  • ATC planning is not complete
  • ATC has not yet pursued regulatory approvals, and
  • Project represents ATC’s preliminary preferred project alternatives from a system performance perspective.

Provisional projects:

  • ATC planning is not complete;
  • ATC has not yet sought regulatory approvals; and
  • Project reflects meeting the need identified, but does not necessarily represent ATC’s preliminary preferred project alternative