North Central Wisconsin
Zone 1

Transmission system limitations in Zone 1

Zone 1 has a few key system performance issues. High voltages may occur in the northern portion of the zone under system intact as well as contingent system conditions.  Potential overloads and low voltages that are a result of multiple contingency planning events will continue to be monitored.  The most severe limitations are expected during both peak and off-peak periods.

Electric system overview

Small increases expected in population and employment – Population in Zone 1 is projected to grow at 0.2 percent annually between now and 2028. Employment is projected to grow at 0.6 percent annually between now and 2028. Marathon County is projected to realize the largest total increase in population and employment, while Juneau and Portage Counties are projected to have the highest growth rates in population and employment, respectively.

Electricity usage

Peak electric demand typically occurs during the summer months, with some winter peaks appearing in the northern portion of the zone. Primary electricity users in Zone 1 include several large paper mills and food processing plants.

Electric load is forecasted to grow approximately 0.4 percent annually through 2029.

Transmission projects in Zone 1

The most notable planned, proposed, and provisional network projects and asset-renewal projects in Zone 1, along with their projected year of completion and the factors driving the need for the projects, are listed below.

Zone 1 includes the counties of:
  • Adams , WI
  • Fond du Lac (NW) , WI
  • Forest (SW) , WI
  • Green Lake , WI
  • Juneau , WI
  • Langlade , WI
  • Lincoln , WI
  • Marathon , WI
  • Marquette , WI
  • Monroe (E) , WI
  • Oneida , WI
  • Portage , WI
  • Shawano (W) , WI
  • Vernon (E) , WI
  • Vilas (S) , WI
  • Washara , WI
  • Waupaca , WI
  • Winnebago (W) , WI
  • Wood , WI

Zone 1 Planned Projects

Project DescriptionProject #In-service yearNeed driver
Wild Rose–Harrison 69‑kV line (Y‑19) partial rebuild12020Condition and performance
Chaffee Creek SS–Lincoln Pump Station 69‑kV line (Y‑18), rebuild22023Condition and performance
Wautoma–Chaffee Creek 69‑kV line (Y‑49), rebuild32023Condition and performance
McKenna–Castle Rock 69-kV line (Y-47), rebuild42025Condition and performance

Zone 1 Proposed Projects

Project DescriptionProject #In-service yearNeed driver
Waupaca area energy storage project52021Operational flexibility
Petenwell–Saratoga 138-kV line (X-43), rebuild62022Reliability and economic

Zone 1 Provisional Projects

Project DescriptionIn-service yearNeed driver