Projects completed since last report

Transmission projects significantly affecting the system performance that have been completed since the 2013 Assessment was issued in October 2013, include:

Project NameZone
Uprate Ripon-Northwest Ripon 69-kV line Y-931
Omro - Berlin 69-kV line rebuild Y-801
Chaffee Creek - ACEC Coloma Tap 69-kV line rebuild Y-181
Castle Rock-Mckenna 69-kV line uprate Y-471
Rebuild M38-Atlantic 69-kV line 2
Energize Hiawatha-Indian Lake at 138 kV2
Construct Old Mead Rd-Chandler double circuit 138-kV lines and operate at 138/692
Construct Old Mead Rd 138/69-kV Substation and install one 138/69-kV transformer2
Install 2-4.08 Mvar 69-kV capacitor banks at Old Mead Rd2
West Middleton - West Towne 69-kV line rebuild 69973
Install 1-8.16 Mvar capacitor bank at Boscobel 69-kV Substation and upgrade existing 5.4 Mvar bank with an 8.16 Mvar bank3
Paddock - Shaw 69-kV line rebuild Y-543
Paddock - Town Line Road 138-kV single circuit rebuild X-393
Portage Substation: Install redundant bus differentials on 138-kV buses3
Manrap - Custer 69-kV line uprate Y-MRP114
North Fond Du Lac - Metomen 69-kV line uprate Y-274
Rebuild Pleasant Prairie 345-kV bus5
Construct Pleasant Prairie-Zion Energy Center 345-kV line5
Racine - St. Rita 138-kV line uprate 85315
As of August 1, 2014