September 20, 2012 Stakeholder Meeting

Meeting Materials (updated September 24, 2012):


ATC 2013 Assessment Preliminary Study Design

ATC 2012 Order 890 Economic Update

ATC 2012 Economic Projects Study Areas

ATC 2012 Order 890 Saratoga-Petenwell Study Area Map

ATC 2012 Order 890 Milwaukee Study Area Map

ATC is planning to host a web conference with customers and stakeholders on September 20, 2012. Please hold the the time 1:00 – 3:00 pm (CDT) on your calendars if you plan to participate.

To continue our open planning discussions with our stakeholders and to comply with FERC Order 890, ATC would like to solicit feedback on our preliminary 2013 10-Year Assessment Study Design. In addition, we will provide an update on our Economic Benefits Studies.

We would appreciate knowing if you plan to participate.  Any comments or inquiries can be submitted to David Smith, Manager – Reliability Group, at