October 29, 2020 TYA Stakeholder Meeting

ATC is planning to host a customer/stakeholder meeting on October 29, 2020, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (CST).    

Although we really like the added opportunity to interact during in-person meetings, this meeting will only be via webcast because of COVID-19.

ATC will discuss (Presentation DRAFTS linked below):

Please hold this date and time on your calendars if you plan to participate.

Webcast information will be e-mailed before the meeting once ATC completes its migration from Skype to Microsoft Teams.

As promised, DRAFT presentations were posted on 10-22-20–See links above.

As part of the 2020 10-Year Assessment, no new public policy requirements were brought to the attention of ATC. For the 2021 10-Year Assessment, ATC will review Public Policy Requirements* of which it is aware and solicit information from stakeholders including federal, state, and local regulators regarding needs driven by Public Policy Requirements and potential Transmission Facilities to address those needs. ATC requests that stakeholders provide ATC with information regarding needs driven by Public Policy Requirements or potential Transmission Facilities to address those needs.

Please reply with your participation plans by October 26 to Chris Hagman.

We look forward to your involvement in this process and appreciate your input and feedback as we wrap up the 2020 TYA and Economic Planning Analysis and kick off the 2021 TYA.

* As set forth in MISO Tariff Attachment FF-ATCLLC, “Public Policy Requirements” means “enacted statutes (i.e., passed by the legislature and signed by the executive) and regulations promulgated by a relevant jurisdiction, whether within a state or at the federal level, including duly enacted laws or regulations passed by a local governmental entity, such as a municipal or county government.”