November 15, 2013: ATC Economic Analysis Update

In open stakeholder meetings on February 26 and May 7, 2013, ATC collected input on study assumptions and the project list for analysis.  Later, ATC finalized these assumptions and the project list and posted this information on May 15, 2013.   Another meeting was held September 26 to keep stakeholders updated on the current status of the 2013 economic planning study.  

Since then ATC has continued to refine its study methods, develop analytical models, and study the projects listed.  At this point, ATC is in the process of finalizing the analysis and will be able to discuss results in an open stakeholder meeting towards the beginning of 2014.  The exact meeting date will be announced at a later time and meeting materials will be posted to the Economic Planning page of the ATC 10-Year Assessment website. 

Any comments or inquiries related to these studies can be submitted to Dale Burmester, Manager – Economic Planning, at