May 15, 2017 Posting

ATC has reviewed comments and feedback received from our stakeholders and has finalized its Futures Matrix and Project List for our 2016 economic analysis. The following materials provide greater detail regarding ATC’s study assumptions and study areas.

ATC 2017 Economic Planning Study Futures Matrix

ATC 2017 Economic Projects Study Areas

Additionally ATC has requested feedback on Public Policy Requirements that may drive transmission needs.  No feedback was submitted as a part of this study process.  ATC has performed its own inquiry regarding Public Policy Requirements and determined that no additional Public Policy Requirements exist to incorporate into this study.

Questions and comments from the April 27th meeting are being reviews.  Answers and response to questions and concerns are being reviewed and will be posted at a future date.

We appreciate your participation in this process and look forward to continued communication as we proceed through the 2016 analysis.  Any comments or inquiries related to these studies can be submitted to Dale Burmester, Manager – Economic Planning, at