January 8, 2019 Updates to ATC 10-Year Assessment Asset Renewal Project Lists

As discussed in previous ATC customer and stakeholder meetings, ATC is continuing to implement a process to provide Network and Asset Renewal project updates. These updates support consistency between the 2018 10-Year Assessment project lists and the MTEP18 project lists. The update found at the link below contains a project with changes compared to the lists ATC published in the 2018 10-Year Assessment, Summary Report, Zone 2, Notable Projects.

The Mackinac – McGulpin 138 kV submarine cables (9901, 9903), replacement project is updated to “Proposed Project” status. ATC will continue to solicit feedback on this process in the customer and stakeholder meetings. If you have any questions regarding the process or the list please contact Robert Morton, Manager Zone Planning Group, at rmorton@atcllc.com.

Updates to 2018 10-Year Assessment Asset Renewal Project Lists