February 21, 2017 Stakeholder Meeting

ATC is planning to host a customer/stakeholder meeting on February 21, 2017, scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (CDT), via web and teleconference. ATC will discuss the 2017 10-Year Assessment Preliminary Needs, and kickoff the 2017 ATC Economic Planning study and discuss assumptions and potential study area, as indicated in the agenda.

The following materials will be discussed at this meeting:

Meeting Agenda

2017 10-Year Assessment – Preliminary Needs

2017 10-Year Assessment – Preliminary Network Needs

2017 10-Year Assessment – Preliminary Asset Renewal Needs

2017 ATC Economic Planning Study Kickoff

Please indicate your participation plans to Jeremy Voigt at jvoigt@atcllc.com by February 17.

 As discussed in the November 2, 2016 ATC Customer and Stakeholder meeting, ATC is implementing a process to provide a summary list of Network and Asset Renewal project updates. The list found at the link below contains projects with changes compared to the lists ATC published in the 2016 10-Year Assessment. Projects listed may be new, cancelled, changed in scope, or have changed in-service dates. If future updates are needed based on the change criteria above, ATC expects to post those updates in the second quarter of 2017. ATC will also be soliciting feedback on this process in the next Customer and Stakeholder meeting, tentatively scheduled for February 21, 2017.

Updates to ATC 10-Year Assessment Network Project List

 On November 2, 2016 ATC held a customer and stakeholder meeting.  The details of the meeting can be seen in the meeting notice below.  ATC received feedback and questions during the meeting.  Below is a link to a pdf that compiles all of the feedback and questions, as well as providing a response or answer.

Compiled Meeting Questions and Comments

Any comments or inquiries related to the 2017 10-Year Assessment can be submitted to David Smith, Manager – Reliability Group, at dsmith@atcllc.com

Any comments or inquiries about the Economic Planning Study can be submitted to Dale Burmester, Manager – Economic Planning, at dburmester@atcllc.com.