April 19, 2016 Stakeholder Meeting

ATC is planning to host a customer/stakeholder meeting on April 19th 2016, tenatively planned for 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. CST.  This meeting will be a hosted at ATC headquarters in Pewaukee and by webcast.  Please hold this date on your calendars if you plan to attend.

In compliance with FERC Order 890 and 1000, topics of discussion will include:

  • 2016 ATC Economic Planning Study Assumptions and Areas
  • 2016 ATC 10-Year Assessment Prelminary Needs

The following materials will be discussed at this meeting:

Meeting Agenda

ATC 2016 10-Year Assessment – Preliminary Need

ATC 2016 10-Year Assessment – Preliminary Network Needs Table

ATC 2016 10-Year Assessment – Preliminary Asset Renewal Needs Table

ATC 2016 Economic Planning Study Futures

2016 Proposed ATC Economic Projects Study Areas

Please indicate your participation plans to Erik Winsand at ewinsand@atcllc.com by April 15th.

Any comments or inquiries can be submitted to Dale Burmester, Manager – Economic Planning, at dburmester@atcllc.com.