April 15, 2015 ATC Economic Planning Update

As a continuation of our 2015 Economic Planning Process, ATC has posted the following files for your review and feedback. ATC is seeking feedback from stakeholders regarding the study information posted below.

2015 Preliminary Futures Matrix

This document details the preliminary drivers and assumptions that ATC is planning to utilize for the 2015 PROMOD development and analysis.

ATC Potential Economic Study Areas

This document details the several potential study areas ATC is considering for economic analysis as part of the 2015 Economic Planning process.

Public Policy Requirements

In addition to potential studies area linked to market congestion, ATC is also seeking feedback in areas where Public Policy Requirements may drive transmission needs. Public Policy Requirements are enacted statutes (i.e., passed by the legislature and signed by the executive) and regulations promulgated by a relevant jurisdiction, whether within a state or at the federal level, including duly enacted laws or regulations passed by a local governmental entity, such as a municipal or county government.  Stakeholders are encouraged to provide ATC with Public Policy Requirements.  ATC utilizes transmission needs driven by Public Policy Requirements in its assumptions when performing economic analysis of study areas.  The transmission needs driven by Public Policy Requirements that will be included in ATC’s finalized assumptions will be posted prior to May 15th.

We look forward to your involvement in this process and appreciate your input and feedback as we proceed with our 2015 TYA and Economic Planning process.  We will continue to work with you and plan to finalize our economic analysis plan and assumptions by May 15, 2015.

Any comments or inquiries related to these studies can be submitted to Dale Burmester, Manager – Economic Planning, at dburmester@atcllc.com.