Facility condition methodology

The objective of ATC’s asset renewal program is to ensure assets perform the required function in a sustainable manner while managing life-cycle costs. Replacement of equipment is done in coordination with network planning and other functional groups and stakeholders to ensure replacement equipment is warranted and meets future needs.

ATC’s asset management program is driven by safety, compliance, and reliability performance. Additionally, known equipment problems are tracked and upgrades implemented as part of the asset renewal program. Through asset maintenance and inspection programs, staff monitor the system to identify issues related to performance or condition.

Some equipment may be replaced due to technological enhancements that improve the performance of the transmission system. In the case of protective relays, as an example, the newer devices provide better event data that can speed restoration after outages. Coordination will occur with the replacement of other equipment to take advantage of cost synergies that result in an overall lower cost and impact to the transmission system.

  1. In assessing potential line rebuilds, consideration is given to other needs in the area of the candidate line to incorporate long-term needs for the area.

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