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Economic Planning

Meeting agenda and materials


ATC Economic Project Planning Meeting
Feb 21, 2008

Agenda and materials

1) Introductions
2) ATC’s Economic Project Planning Overview
     Timeline from ATC’s Order 890 Attachment K filing
3) Highly Constrained Elements within ATC Footprint
     Implemented and Identified Solutions to Highly Constrained Elements
     Geographic Location of Remaining Highly Constrained Elements
     Potential Transmission Projects
4) Elements that may become constrained in the future - 2011

     Elements that may become constrained in the future - 2016

5) Other Suggestions for Transmission Projects
6) Study Assumptions

     a. Base Models
     b. Drivers & Futures
7) Next Steps
     a. Comments by: March 1st
     b. Preliminary Project list and Assumptions posted by: April 15th
     c. Comments by: April 30th
     d. Final Project List and Assumptions posted by: May 15th
8) Wrap-up and final questions

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